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5 Unexpected Things That May Happen During Labor

Before the time of delivery arrived, pregnant women would have prepared everything related to the process. But in reality, childbirth may not be in accordance with what pregnant women have prepared. Childbirth can be a process that makes women feel raging. Feelings that arise vary, ranging from fear of childbirth to pleasure, because the wait after nine months containing the baby will be over. However, unexpected things might happen during labor. Unexpected Things That Can Happen During Labor The following are unexpected things that might occur during childbirth: 1. Defecate when pushing When pushing, pregnant women will use the muscles used to remove feces during bowel movements. These muscles are very strong and effective for pushing the baby through the birth canal. Because using the same muscle, pregnant women may pass stool during labor. No need to be embarrassed or feel bad, because it normally happens. Doctors and midwives are also used to dealing with it. They will imm
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Husbands, Come On, Help Your Wife Overcome Bad Mood when Pregnant

Husbands need to be more patient in facing the mood swings felt by the wife during pregnancy. Mood changes that occur during pregnancy can make a woman feel irritable, cry, and get angry. Pregnant women can experience a bad mood or bad mood starting the first trimester of pregnancy. But after entering the second trimester, pregnant women may have begun to be able to control their mood. Various Causes of Bad Mood in Pregnant Women One factor that can make your wife experience a bad mood during pregnancy is a change in hormones. During pregnancy, the hormones estrogen and progesterone in the body will experience a significant increase. This is what affects the neurotransmitters (chemicals in the brain) that regulate mood. In addition to hormonal changes, other factors that can affect the mood of pregnant women are: Stress. Fatigue. Changes in body metabolism. Discomforts that arise during pregnancy, such as morning sickness, breast pain, and constipation. Troubling thoughts,

Shhh, Keeping Negative Secrets Can Disrupt Health

Everyone has a secret, good or bad, big or small. In the right portion, the real secret is needed. There are things that are indeed not known to colleagues or superiors, there are also things that are only worth knowing by the family. Some things are even positive, such as concealing surprise gifts for friends. However, keeping bad secrets, such as infidelity, lies, or mistakes that harm others, can make you feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, too many secrets is not impossible to interfere with your health you know. The Secret to Making Quiet Sometimes this secret stems from situations that you can't handle yourself, but also you don't want others to know. Whether you realize it or not, keeping too many negative secrets will make you feel these situations: Continue to think about the secret The more you try to hide it, the more you will remember the secret. Especially if you often interact with people who you think should not know the secret. Must pretend Not infreque